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2024 Wimberley Texas

Wow, just wow. Texas photos are actively being uploaded to the Texas photo album. Please share more with us if you'd like them to be shared within the photo album.

Our Texas State University trees: Wanda, USS Gratitude, Courtesy of Kate, R&R, Two Song G-L-O-R-I-A, Stringy, Why, What, Why Not were amazing! Thank you to AJ for being such a great host and for Chef Shauna for sharing her delicious food.

Thank you to all of our students for joining us in this amazing location in Texas. To the instructor team - you are a joy to work with and you knocked it out of the park, thank you!

To all of our sponsors, we can not offer this type of workshop without your support. Thank you for your commitment to the industry and for supporting our mission!

  • Sequoia: SavATree, Husqvarna

  • Canopy: They Might be Monkeys, ISA Texas, Arborwear, RBI/Shelter Tree, Tradewinds Tree Care

  • Trunk: Arbsession, Burkett Arbor Care, Arborilogical Services, Arborholic

  • Branch: Sam Hill Tree

  • Leaf: Donald R. Gardner - Arborist

Next tree climbing workshop locations are:

  • May 10-12 - Efland, North Carolina

  • June 7-9 - Greeley, Colorado

  • September 13-15 - Camp Hi-Rock, Massachusetts - All Gender

  • October 18-20 - Camp Henry, Michigan

Other exciting upcoming events:


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