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About WTCW


Our instructors' approach teaching and coaching as they do their careers and off-time: with dedication, intention, and fun.


We are a passionate team of women who have experienced many different styles of learning. We know what has worked for us personally to excel at climbing and want to share our positive experiences, our challenges and our successes.  We believe and trust from our experiences our students can enjoy the magic and empowerment of climbing trees.

"I have participated in the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop since it began in 2009.  Each year, something new emerges from within; a knot that my hands know by heart, a few more feet up the foot lock rope, resetting my line farther up a tree than I ever imagined I would be.  Peak experience has graced my soul more than once here.  This is a very special time and place created by trees, immensely talented instructors and climbers, commitment to refining the workshop year after year, and the community that makes it all possible." ~LD

"My experience at the WTCW cannot be recreated. In just a couple days and only miles down the street from my home, I felt like I had opened up a weekend chapter from a semester abroad on another continent.

The experiences were intense and compact and the bonds I built with the other women are lifelong. Not only did I learn a new skill set that makes me competitive and hirable in a male dominated industry, but I left invigorated, strong, and alive.

The women running the program are some of the greatest teachers and role models I’ve ever met and their patience and diligence for safety helps even women with fear of heights reach the top of the canopy. There is nothing greater than listening to the breeze and voices below while looking out at the world over the tree tops. I want every woman to have the chance to experience this, even if she doesn’t realize how incredible it is until she is up there. "

Student shares:

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