WTCW Instructors

The WTCW is successful because of the women who teach, coach, mentor, and love to share their knowledge.

Our Lead Instructors are Melissa LeVangie, Bear LeVangie, Rebecca Seibel-Hunt, and Kate Tarkington.

Our team of Assistant Instructors varies but often you can count on working alongside Amanda Weise, Alex Julius, Beth Fuehrer, Åsa Runefelt, Melissa Duffy, Julie Clements, Maria Tranguch, Kali Alcorn, and Krista Strating.

Lead Instructors
Assistant Instructors

Amanda Weise          Alex Julius

Beth Fuehrer             Åsa Runefelt

Melissa Duffy             Julie Clements

Maria Tranguch         Kali Alcorn

Krista Strating

Melissa LeVangie

Bear LeVangie
Rebecca Seibel

Kate Tarkington

Photography Team Extraordinaires

Sydney McNair        Tracy Buccholtz

Teaching Assistants

Cassandra Bryant  Louise Levy            Rachel Barnett       Amanda Hancock  Star Hansen           Jamilee Kempton 

Past Contributors

Marcy Carpenter   Rachel Brudzinski    Jen Kettell         

Kat Russell             Liz Downing              Carol Bradford-Roe  Rhonda Wood         Kelly Allen                 Kathy Holzer            Katie Bigelow

Co-Founders: Melissa LeVangie, Bear LeVangie & Marcy Carpenter
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