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2023 Texas to Massachusetts

Thank you Wimberly for an awesome way to start off the WTCW Workshops for 2023. The purple to mauve ratio was most excellent and the weekend was full of laughs, fun, and growth. The University of Texas Camp run by AJ is just perfect for our event and shout out to AJ for the host with the most! Chef Shauna - thank you for the great eats and your great work to accommodate our dietary needs.

Excited for Arbor Day with a new WTCW location, this time Smith College in Northampton MA will be our new site. With a campus filled with trees fit for an arboretum we are excited to team up with the college to have 15 dedicated spots for students and 10 for all others.

Thank you to all of our sponsors from Texas to Massachusetts who make it possible! With our sponsor support we are able to keep the registration costs low and to minimize barrier of entry. Every bit helps and we are grateful for the arboriculture and tree communities alike for their support.

Till we meet again... Northampton here we come!

Next workshop locations upcoming are:

  • June 2-4 in Efland, North Carolina

  • July 21-23 in Greeley, Colorado

  • August 25 -27 in Lanesboro, MN

  • September 22-24 in Mt. Washington, MA (all genders welcome!)

  • October 6-8 in Newaygo, MI

Classes & Events

  • March 18 - Tree ID at Berkshire Botanical Garden: Bark & Bud

  • March 30-31 - SM'Me Time at the Shelter Tree Booth at ArborExpo in Springfield, MA

Climber Photo - 2023 Wimberly Texas

Chef Shauna, Best Mobile Chef


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