This year we took a cautious approach with all that's been happening with COVID.  Many of you have asked about the status of hosting workshops in 2021 and held three full workshops that sold out in under a day. 


We hosted one workshop this past May in Massachusetts, a second we were hosted by Rocky Mountain Chapter ISA in Greeley, Colorado in July and then we hosted the third back at Camp Hi-Rock the weekend of September 24-26th.  What a terrific weekend!  We were able to have nine members of our instructor team join too, much needed for all of us!


We will be offering tree climbing and education sessions for general programming and at Freedom Hall at the GIE Expo in Louisville, KY in

October 20-22; hope you can join!

We are actively researching possibilities to host workshops, and are moving with the support and capacity of hosts and facilities to support our climbing community with state and government regulations.

Wishing you a great 2021 and hope to climb with you soon!

Camp Hi-Rock September - More photos coming soon!

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2021-2022 Workshops

Kentucky, GIE - October 20-21, 2021


Texas - tba (April 2022)

Indiana - May/June 2022

Minnesota - 2022

Colorado - July 2022

Smith College, MA - 2022

Salt Lake, UT - tba 

Washington - tba

Michigan - tba

Wisconsin - tba

Past Workshops 

Canopy exploration: are you up for it?