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Women's Tree Climbing Workshop


Our mission is to create a safe, encouraging, and empowering learning environment for women to climb trees, with an emphasis on arboriculture.

For women, taught by women since 2009.

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Pure Joy!  

Just do it already!  

"The Women's Tree Climbing Workshop is a special kind of magic.  I was surrounded by strong, smart women who only wanted to build each other up.  While I love trees, I do not work in arboriculture, and the warm inclusive environment created by the instructors made me feel fully welcome.

I appreciated the strong emphasis on safety and the ability to set my own goals for what I wanted to achieve with each new skill learned, whether it was tying a friction hitch or walking on a limb.

WTCW left me feeling empowered and accomplished, but also more knowledgeable about arboriculture and the challenges that women in the industry overcome. It was a great mix of learning, camaraderie, and fun!"
~Carol H.
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