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Women's Tree Climbing Workshop



"I am so grateful for the experience of this workshop. In one weekend I went from knowing a few basics of tree climbing to feeling comfortable and confident putting on a harness, tying myself in for a climb, and using my
55 year old body to climb high up into a tree. The people holding the reigns of the Women's Tree Climbing Workshop believe deeply in what they do, and the skills, experience, values, and knowledge they possess were shared in ways that nudged and encouraged me just enough to reach far beyond the goals I arrived with.
All of this happened in a container that held safety as a foremost leading principle, while also creating a space that valued inclusivity, knowledge-sharing, personal wellness, and fun! I work for a municipal tree department, and this workshop brought my skill level to a place where I can contribute much more fully to my work team, and help keep the beautiful and sacred trees of this land healthy for all. [Also, as a non-binary person, I found the staff and fellow participants to be very welcoming and fully inclusive)"
~Cara B
WTCW Smith College Group Photo Zoomed.jpg

Smith College Group Photo


Catherine honing Aerial Rescue Skills
Catherine honing her climbing aerial rescue skills.
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