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The Women's Tree Climbing Workshop and Arborwear teamed up to make this ultra snuggly WTCW Single Thick Sweatshirt.


Our logo sweatshirt that reads "Climb Like A Girl" and our mission statement on the back.  We are proud to have ArborWear's Singlethick sweatshirt.  This will be one of those sweatshirts you'll reach when you need a cozy, practically bomb proof layer.  Often people who work in the field wear it as their "outer layer" and especially because the hood easily fits over your climbing helmet!


Color & Sizing Info: Red only - limited sizes


Please Note:  This is men's sweatshirt.  The sizing is generous and truly one size up from women's sizing.

Arborwear Single Thick Hoody

  • Shipping costs cover shipping and handling.  Packages are sent via USPS Priortiy Mail.  Your tracking number will be emailed to you once your package is mailed.

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