Hello 2021!

Dear all WTCW Community!

We feel you... and we miss you too! We so want to get back to sharing our passion with you and get back to offering WTCW workshops in 2021.

As soon as regulations make sense, trust we've got our joined hands on the pulse! We've got many of our past hosts and partners in cue and know they are as excited as we all are. Patience, hang in there, know you will be first to know when our workshops are scheduled and when our registrations will go live.

Our targeted locations for 2021 remain to be: Texas, Utah, Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Illinois, Mid-West, New England, and others are being explored.

Till the news breaks - be well, stay safe, and take care of your peeps!

Tickler - your support helps our mission and helps us to keep going even when workshops are not actively held. All Merch sales and Donations are super appreciated & so helpful! Thank you very much!

Cheers and Wishing you a Great 2021!

WTCW Leadership Team

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